No. 107. The Club Car. He grew prouder of his Art Train with every passing month, and the closer her came to reconstructing it and refurbishing it to his satisfaction, the more eager he grew to light out for parts unknown. This afternoon, he was extolling the delights--the delights to come--of the Club Car he had recently purchased from a collector. It was in terrible shape, but, as he explained to his friend, he would soon have it fully restored. Its interior was to be finished in mahogany, with fine brass fittings and soft, deep leather chairs. There would be a bar, a galley, a media centre and a small but distinguished library. He modeled it, he went on to explain, on the Club Cars he loved in some of his favourite films--in Vincente Minelli's The Band Wagon, in Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train, and in Michael Curtiz's White Christmas.

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