No, 131. The Big Blow. His presentation of two identical fans in potential confrontation (see Tabletop Studio #130--Fandom) was enough to bring email prompts from alert friends and colleagues, all crying "Newton!" to him and muttering about actions and equal and opposite reactions. But these comments, clearly well-meant, were for him wide of the mark. Here, when the two fans were switched on, there was neither action nor reaction. There was, however, a beautiful mistral symmetry, the splendor of two electro-zephyrs whirring at each other, equal in power and force--a vectoral standoff. He stood watching the the two fans, transfixed by the beauty of their blades now gone to ghostly, angelic, virtual discs. He longed to throw himself between them, wondering whether he'd be blown about like an eddying scrap of paper in a gutter, or whether he'd be pressed into a wholeness hitherto unimaginable.

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