No. 155. The Canadianization of Emily.

His cousin, Persephone, was visiting from Detroit. He had asked Melissa to show Persephone around until he got back.

Melissa: ...and this is his portrait of the 19th century American poet, Emily Dickinson.

Persephony: Yes, I remember he was painting writers last year....

Melissa: Well, this is another one. Do you like it?

Persephone: I like the window,

Melissa: You see how the figure of the poet is made out of sheets of printed text?

Persephony: Uh huh.

Melissa: Yellow and blue seem sort of like Emily Dickinson colours.

Persephony: Do they? I haven't read much of her. I do like that patch of blue sky above her head.

Melissa: He says that's a representation of Dickinson's thinking.

Persephony: Oh.

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