No. 170. Icebreaker. It had grown very hot in the past few days and and as a result, he felt compelled to turn on the air-conditioner in his studio. Dismayed at how cold it got and how quickly (he hated air conditioning), he then ordered the delivery of an enormous block of ice and--his hands freezing all the while--proceeded to carve a hefty ice sculpture--a battleship. He found it ruefully amusing that despite the cold (he could sometimes see his breath), the damned ship began to melt anyhow, its edges inexorably softening and its stalwart contours rounding and beginning to drip. After an hour of this humiliation--for so he saw it--he decided to make what he could of the situation, breaking off a shard of the starboard bow and plopping it into a tall gin and tonic--which he then carried outside into the sunlight.

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