No. 195. Oh Tall Tree in the Eye!

"That's a big Tree," observed his neighbour Abigail--who was never above highlighting the obvious.
"It's my answer to last week's shrinking before Armageddon," he told her.
"Why so big?"
. "It's the poet Rilke," he explained. "In the first of his Sonnets to Orpheus. Rilke talks of "a tree ascended there....:"
"Where?" Abigail wanted to know.
"In the attentive, worshipful mind. Rilke described this visionary tree as Pure transcendence. Oh tall tree in the ear! "
"Or, in this case, "suggested Abigail, determined to be witty, 'a tall tree in the eye!' Rilke was a poet, after all, and not a painter."

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