No. 145. Trackless Wastes. After side-trackimg himself for months, he was visited this past week by an inescapable urge to return to the construction of his gleaming, beckoning, exquisitely visionary Art Railroad--upon which he had already lavished vast amounts of time and money. As a way of easing himself back into the project, he built a 1/4 scale model of an British-style double-ended caboose, which he saw as a potential office car, a place for storing his documents., a rolling file cabinet. His wife, Althea--who was frequently alarmed at the cost of her husband's personal railroad in hours and dollars spent--was upset at what she saw as a useless model, an object, however attractive, that was not at all practical. He couldn't make her understand its meaning as a talismanic, edge-of-the-wedge, return to full-scale construction. No matter how he argued the point, Althea continued to think it frivolous.

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  1. "Stone walls do not a prison make, Nor iron bars a cage"