No. 146. Measure for Measure. He loved measure and measurement, the idea if it, the doing of it, just the possibility of it. When T.S. Eliot's self-pitying homunculus, J. Alfred Prufrock, complains that he has "measured out his life with coffee spoons," he doesn't get much sympathy from him. He can see JAP's regretting the coffee-spoons business, but the measuring of a life, well that seems all to the good! Know thyself, inch-by-inch, for real accuracy and insight. Waiting to be measured for a coffin is waiting too long.. Remember how, when you were a child, your parents used to measure you and mark your current height on the wall? Well let's have more of that! In his studio, he had a big collection of rulers, meter-sticks, tape-measures and other monitors of shape, direction and duration.. He played among them, like a kid at a playground.

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