No. 211. The Crab
His old on-the-road friends, Clifford and Colin, had decided to drop by for a quick coffee and a chat--only to find their friend gone.
We'll wait for him," said Clifford. "Okay?"
"Fine with me," answered Colin.
The studio was unlocked, as always, so they let themselves in.
What they found surprised them. On the wall hung the biggest painting they'd ever known their old art-school buddy to make. It was raw, aggressive and apparently, judging by the plume of oil-fragrance in the studio, still wet.
"Recent, I guess," said Clifford.
"I'd say so, "agreed Colin.
"It has a title scrawled on it. He's called it The Crab," said Clifford. What do you make of it?"
"Maybe he's angry," ventured Colin.
"Or hungry," said Clifford...

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