No. 213. Nocturne.

Now that Colin and Clifford were making their rudderless way to Lunenburg, he felt lonely in a rather unexpected way. He began to feel the need to revisit his painterly past, almost as if he were seeking some reassurance that he's actually had one.
This afternoon he was revisiting. a painting from 2012 called Nocturne. He liked it better now than he remembered liking it at the time. He liked the dark, restless harbour with its solitary, departing sailboat. He liked the tremulous spotlight--if that's what it was--that seemed so insistent and, at the same time, so lacking in resolve. It was a harbour he missed greatly--without ever having been there.

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  1. I miss Colin and Clifford too, am moved by your image of loneliness in their absence, and like that you now have time to appreciate "Nocturne".